Please send to your MP

Dear Sir / Madam,

I write to you as a Member of Parliament to urge you to do your duty as an elected official to act on behalf and in the best interests of your constituents and the nation.

The EU Referendum has wrought chaos far beyond the imagination of the Leave or Remain advocates, and the United Kingdom now teeters on the edge of a social and economic precipice. The two major political parties are wholly in disarray, both with leaders who have for all intents and purposes abandoned the field leaving their “foot soldiers” to face the wrath of the nation and the international community. Both have demonstrated ineptitude and cowardice.

It is now evident that much of the Leave vote had little or nothing to do with an informed desire to leave the EU and more with the anger and frustration of the sense of abandonment and division that has grown progressively in the post-WW2 period. Both major political parties have taken for granted their grass roots supporters, and unwittingly allowed them to drift into the arms of a political movement that WW2 was fought to eradicate.

While George Osbourne’s “Northern Powerhouse” was an attempt to belatedly address the issues, it was sadly too little, too late. The sense of abandonment, that was once limited to a handful of deprived areas and could be ignored, has crept across our nation and has been exploited by UKIP. UKIP is a political party which is little more than the racist BNP with a “washed face” that legitimises hatred behind a veneer of “respectable affability”. It has grown like a cancer corrupting the body politic, especially the Conservative Party, to the point where an intolerant and violent minority drive the national agenda. It sows the seeds of chaos, division and disharmony and adroitly absolves itself of responsibility for it actions.

Equally the media, print and broadcast, has played fast and loose with the truth about a wide range of events (i.e. Hillsborough and phone hacking), and has actively misrepresented the facts about the EU. It has betrayed its role as purveyor of truth, as champion for the people against the self-interest of the establishment, and become an irresponsible generator of half-truths and down-right lies. It is deeply disturbing that the print media, that on the eve of the referendum was actively promoting the Leave campaign, is now distancing itself from the consequences of its own recommendations. The owners of these media organisations have long regarded themselves as “king-makers” and misused their position to corrupt all political parties.

In our democracy our representatives are elected to act in the best interests of the entire community, and not the narrow interests of party political machines. Our “first past the post” electoral system produces a result in which time and time again the majority of the electorate have not chosen the person who becomes the elected representative. This system is only workable when members of parliament act in the interests of the community and the nation in accordance with their consciences, regardless of what vocal and vociferous factions may demand. The UK party system is built around this and the diversity in the two major political parties represent this. MP’s are held to be honourable persons and when they make mistakes it is a matter of honour that they resign their positions. While it may be regarded as “quaint” and rather anachronistic, it has worked to date.

The referendum has in many respects been “Un-British” in its execution, outside of the established party system and established political practice. The Leave campaign, led by various opportunists on one hand and driven by a divisive opportunist (Nigel Farage ) on the other, are outside the political conventions. Despite the catastrophic consequences that have unfolded, they absolve themselves of responsibility and by intimation hold the Prime Minister and other advocates of Remain culpable and expect them to shoulder the burden of responsibility. This is truly an “Un-British” mode of operation and is profoundly dishonourable.

UKIP, led by Nigel Farage, has presented itself as a party of affable blokeish British people, paragons of British values. The truth is that Mr Farage has exploited the inherent weaknesses of our system to sow deep discord and division in our British society with the ultimate aim of destroying the very system itself. When he speaks of overthrowing the establishment, what he means is destroying the very honour and conscience driven framework that has been the hallmark of our democracy. UKIP’s influence has spread like a cancer, and led decent men and women to pursue a route that can only lead to national destruction.

The assassination of Jo Cox MP should have been a clarion call to all MP’s and decent people that UKIP and its legitimisation of xenophobia has opened the door to the people of violence and hatred that have hidden behind it. The assassination of Jo Cox should have entered our national consciousness to the same degree that JFK’s assassination has become part of the fabric of US national consciousness. Yet, it has slipped away from our minds and is fast becoming lost.

It is evident that young electorate, our future, did not want to leave the EU and there is another constituency of young people, between the 16 and 18, on the cusp of adulthood who were denied a voice. It is these young people who will be expected to contribute far more than they consume, and upon whom the future well-being of the older generations rests. They are also the individuals who will be expected to “pick up the tab” over the next decades for the growing economic crisis that the Leave campaign has presented the nation with. While the post-war generations could understand that they had a responsibility to defray the costs of fighting for freedom, this upcoming generation of adults will not understand why they shall be expected to shoulder the burden for a decision that the majority did not support. It is, I suggest, the responsibility of MP’s to articulate the concerns of those who by virtue of age alone are denied a voice.

Should MP’s remain attached to the failing party system that is showing itself daily to be incapable of responding to the national crisis, the crisis will get worse. Factionalism in both parties, and the corrosive influence of UKIP, has rendered the national leaderless and wholly incapable of arresting the progression into further chaos. Worse still the confluence between the party machines and popular national media has created an environment where individual honourable men and women elected to office as members of Parliament are undermined and corrupted, and forced to betray the very people who placed their trust in them at the ballot box. Our national strength is the constituency MP’s, in touch with ordinary people, who do the day to day work that our nation requires of them with good conscience, crossing party lines to build partnerships and collaborate in the interests of the people, all the people. It is now evident that the cult of personality, driven by the popular media, which characterises party leadership is incapable of responding to the crisis, it is merely a platform for vacuous opportunists and the closed ranks of socio-economic elites.

In conclusion, our nation faces a crisis without equal in the post-war period. It is time for all men and women, good and true, to look to their consciences; put aside short-term factional interests; and to act in the nation’s interests. I urge you therefore to go to the House of Commons and act to terminate this current progression towards calamity; to call with one voice for a government of national unity composed of ordinary MP’s, assembled in proportion to the total votes that each party secured in the last election; and to commit yourselves to repair the divisions within our nation, and with our friends and partners around the globe. I suggest that the creation of such an assembly of national unity would provide the nation time and space to reform its political system; bring back honour; and deliver certainty and stability. I suggest to you that only a government of national unity composed of ordinary decent MP’s from all parties has the authority to explain to the nation why the result of this profoundly flawed referendum should be put aside in the interests of the nation.