Calling Time on the Leave Camp

The Leave Camp led by Boris Johnson now look like characters out the children’s story “The Emperor’s Clothes”. They wander about aimlessly while the guileless public ask them where is their plan, and appear acutely naked without one. Boris Johnson, the Emperor in all this mess, has nothing meaningful to say and his supporters vaguely gesture in the direction of 10 Downing Street in a pathetic attempt to displace blame upon David Cameron.

The supporters of the Leave campaign surely had a reasonable expectation that once their victory was declared that Bros & Co would emerge with a clear strategy and at least an outline plan of what to do. Instead what they have been served is the vacuous statement that “there’s no hurry” to start talks with the EU and that the nation, meaning themselves, have at least until the autumn to formulate some plan of action. Meanwhile various Brexit advocates are busily backtracking and are trying to claim that they can’t be held accountable for the claims they won the referendum on. Even now it appears that despite winning the referendum on the basis that immigrants would be prevented from entering Britain, the Leave camp is ready to agree to the free movement of labour with the EU.

So Britain is now like a ship without a captain or a crew rolling about aimlessly on the cruel seas. The Remain camp declines to challenge the outcome of the referendum largely because it is so fearful of the reaction. Even though large numbers of Leave voters are expressing their profound regret.

Where the Leave camp is showing some determination is in laying down the rule that a future leader of the Conservative party cannot be someone from the Remain camp. By insisting on this, the future leader can only come from approximately a third of the current Conservative MP’s, and many of these are strangely extreme characters indeed. Presuming that they are successful, the future leader and likely cabinet will be from the extreme right of the party and unlikely to garner support from across the Conservative benches. Inevitably it would be a short-lived government, and given the damage being caused to the UK at present by the Leave camp it is highly unlikely that it would win an election.

Even though it is only a matter of days since the outcome of the referendum, time needs to be called on the Leave camp. The nation is not an extension of the Conservative party and the nation cannot wait while it sorts out its own leadership problems. The Leave camp need to be told to have a plan in place to be able to present to the nation within the next week outlining the objectives of the negotiations with the EU. If it can’t do that, then the nation must ask whether the outcome the referendum should be set aside.

What the Leave camp cannot be allowed to do is to claim the perpetual validity of the referendum and leave the nation without direction or leadership, and allow industry and commerce to decline and to undermine the wealth of the nation and its inhabitants.


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