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Contact Inside Croydon.
An element of panic must setting into the Tories in Addiscombe Ward as they foster the sense of indignation and perhaps jealousy that “north” Croydon receives more frequent refuse collection than Addiscombe. Anyone passing through Addiscombe “Urban Shopping Centre” cannot have but noticed the vast amount of investment in the street scene, something not even shared with the heart of Addiscombe ward let alone the rest of the borough. Compare it with the declining, dirty and disheartening Cherry Orchard Rd, St. James Rd and Lwr Addiscombe Rd and you wouldn’t believe it was the same town never mind part of the same “Addiscombe Place”
Oddly if the Tories feel upset that “north” Croydon is being subsidised by the rest over refuse collection, they don’t seem to notice that the snow clearance and gritting of residential roads is firmly concentrated in the southern Tory wards. A peculiar oversight.
It is perhaps time to start costing the provision and consumption of all council services ward by ward. I do suspect that Broad Green with its density habitation and minimal public space will be found to be subsidising the wealthy leafy suburbs.


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